Australian Musculoskeletal Network Workshop

This AMSN workshop is a Professional Development Course (CEC accredited) and is the 4th course in a series designed for Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists and Body Workers that already have some training in anatomy but would value the hands on experience that comes from dealing with cadaver specimens. No previous wet lab experience is required.

Although it is designed to build on knowledge gained in the first module it is still suitable as stand-alone course.

Whilst most of the specimens and some of the structured content will be in keeping with the days theme that that the AHPRA registered practitioners are using AMSN still be ordering some anatomy parts for the entire body for each lab so you will still be able to study the entire body if you so wish. Their tutors are flexible and they will have a few demonstrators present for the day so if there is an area of interest for you it will still be available.

This event is proudly sponsored by the College of Health and Fitness.

If you wish to attend this course, using the code below will provide a $50 dollar discount off the $330 dollar enrollment price but this offer will expire by the end of September.

To register: After the enrollment step you will come to a payment gateway with the option to enter a promotional code. Enter the following code to generate a discount: chealthfit50

To enroll, go to

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