Safety and Health Courses

If you are interested in a career in the health industry, undertaking one of our safety and health courses may suit you perfectly. Get insider knowledge from industry experts and get your career off to a head start by studying at the College of Health and Fitness. You never know where your studies may take you!

Work in the Health Industry

If you choose a career in health and safety, no two days will ever be the same. What our graduates love about working in this area is that there is a wide variety of tasks and situations that you will deal with in each role. You may even end up working in a hospital and interacting with all types of patients. Our graduates end up having experiences that they never would have had working in a standard 9 – 5 office job.

Plus, there are plenty of different careers available to those who study health papers. You could end up working in a hospital, a doctor’s office, or for a physio. Anywhere in the health sector is possible! Your role may be as a ward clerk, admissions clerk, or a medical receptionist.

No matter what you end up doing after your studies, it will be sure to be a rewarding role in an exciting industry. There is no job more fulfilling than one you are passionate about where you get to help others. Roles in medical centres are critical for patients to access the care they need, and you could be on the front lines of this.

Health Study Options

At the College of Health and Fitness, you can choose between a few different health and safety courses to study, depending on your goals. Find out more about your options below and select the one that will provide you with the opportunity to gain the skills you need. 

Certificate 2 in Health Support Services

This program of study offers you both theory and practical learning opportunities. Certificate 2 in Health Support Services will prepare you for the role of a health worker who supports the efficient functioning of health services. This qualification is designed to help you to attain a position in a health-centred workplace. This may include a job for an allied health professional or specialist.

Our college is an industry leader in training for health careers and education for health professionals. Learn from the best and gain a solid foundation of understanding of the health sector.

Certificate 3 in Health Administration

Learn skills to work in health with Certificate 3 in Health Administration. You will learn record management techniques such as financial record management and how to implement a workplace information system. Learn to participate in work health and safety, which will teach you to identify and mitigate risk. You will learn work health and safety techniques such as how to administer first aid in case of emergency.

This training is ideal for anyone who would love to work for a healthcare provider business as an admissions clerk, administrative assistant, or medical receptionist. 

Covid Prevention

We now offer the Covid Prevention program as one of our short courses. This qualification provides you with the chance to learn all about infection prevention and control policies. Find out more about hygiene, how to limit contamination, and best practices for bacteria and virus control and infection. Study the use of personal protective equipment, handling of waste, and surface cleaning to help control infection rates. 

This course is excellent training if you already work in a health environment and want to keep your workplace safe. Alternatively, if you are currently a job seeker, these skills are what many employers are now seeking. As the Covid crisis is forcing businesses to change and adapt, they are looking for people with skills in infection prevention to help them maintain a healthy work environment. 

Studying Health at COHAF

Did you know that you can study any of our work health and safety courses online? That’s right – study our online courses whenever it suits you. Get yourself ready for the workplace while still maintaining your other commitments. Learning online gives you the ultimate flexibility – do your coursework at your leisure and undertake each assessment when you’re ready to.

Benefit from the many support services we have available at COHAF. You will be able to contact your tutors on the phone, over email, or come and visit them in person. That way, you can get answers to any questions you may have and receive advice about your program of study. Just because you’re learning from home doesn’t mean that you are alone in this – we are here waiting for your call. 

As a student of COHAF, our programs are nationally recognised and respected by employers. A certificate or diploma from COHAF listed on your CV can go a long way to landing you the job of your dreams.

For more information, contact us today. Or maybe you’re already ready to apply! We can’t wait to hear from you and help you get your career in the health industry underway.




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