Tony’s Training Myths 102

Did you check out training Myth 101? Have you been following me on Periscope on a Sunday evening? Take the opportunity to check out both of these options….

For today, the second training myth we need to address is that by doing higher reps and more sets you will obtain better muscle definition or get “toned”.  This is false and an absolute waste of energy, time and effort.

Doing higher reps alone will in no way help you achieve greater muscle definition.  What will help you achieve this is by losing body fat.  Now, there are many ways you can lose body fat, ranging from doing cardiovascular based training to lifting heavier weights to increase lean muscle tissue, thereby increasing your resting metabolism.  The key though, regardless of which method you chose, is to ensure that you have a specific and tailor made meal plan just for you.

As mentioned previously the key to getting this defined look is to drop body fat.  You can lift high reps until the cows come home but unless your nutritional plan is adequate for you and not some cookie cutter one size fits all model, you will never achieve that defined look you are searching for.

Also, doing endless hours of cardio will not help you achieve that look either unless your meal plan is adequate for you or you are doing cardio 23 hours a day 6 days a week!

To achieve what you are after, don’t listen to those who think they know. Instead, search for and reach out to an expert. The key to success is to listen to those who know more then you and to learn from them.  Achieving fitness results does not have to be difficult; it is about finding out what works for you and then following the direction it takes you on.

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Tony Attridge is the Owner and CEO of The College of Health and Fitness (est. 2002). He has lectured at various Universities and Private Training Organisations for over 20 years in fitness, health, sport psychology and wellness. He has been involved in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a Level 3 Strength and Conditioning Coach, a Sport Psychologist, Sports Nutritionist and an Exercise Scientist.See Tony's personal website


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