Yes, you can study online allowing you up to 12 months to complete your nationally recognised qualifications in health and fitness. Studying online gives you the freedom to study anytime you wish.

You can study to become a personal trainer by taking our Certificate III course. This course is an entry into the fitness industry and once completed successfully, you will be qualified to become a personal trainer.

Becoming a personal trainer requires you to undertake Cert 3 in health and Fitness. This course can be completed in as little as twelve weeks, but you have the flexibility of completing the course within a year. You can study online, or if you want to fast track your career, then you can partake in a classroom.

This qualification is your entry into the fitness industry. If you want to become a personal trainer or a fitness instructor, then you need this qualification. The College of health and fitness can also help you by checking whether you're available for funding through the Australian Cert 3 guarantee.

The Certificate 3 Guarantee allows eligible Australians in QLD to complete their first certificate III qualification course and enhance their skillset to progress into the workforce. The Cert 3 Guarantee also allows Queensland school students to access training and Year twelve graduates to move into employment with fee-free training if the qualifications are considered high priority.

The Queensland government provides funding for eligible students, for further information please make contact with us at the college of health and fitness and we'll check your eligibility.

Cert 4 is a course to progress your fitness career, allowing you to instruct in many environments, including fitness centres and open spaces. You’ll gain the qualifications to operate without supervision.

Getting a personal trainer certification requires you to study Certificate III (cert 3). For further information about Cert 3, please click here.

You will be able to specialise as a Gym instructed in gyms or fitness centres. You'll have the qualifications to enter the industry as a personal trainer.


Lee-Ann Hargreave

I was a 55+ woman who was struggling to find work. As i loved to train myself I decided to complete a course in health and fitness. The team at the College of Health and Fitness were marvelous. Any questions I asked they were happy to answer. I have to thank Bridgett Cooke for her fabulous teaching skills and the ability to make me feel comfortable in a class of people who were a whole lot younger than me. I am proud to say I passed with flying colours and I am now employed in a gym doing what I love. I would recommend the College to anyone who wants to get into the fitness field.


Joanne Van Der Linden

TCOHF made it possible for me to get the qualifications I needed while still being able to work full time.


Brett Gerhardt

Great courses. Thorough teaching by very helpful qualified instructors. I reccomend this facility above all others.


Cassy Levinge

Great staff. Course Instructor is very approachable and knowledgeable, I am very glad I enrolled at TCOHAF.



its a good college really help full i my self love it



The team was so supportive and responded quick to my questions!


Jordie A-B

Great place to get your Certificates done! Super supportive environment and great communication!


Meeah Adkins

Really great course, and very affordable.


Penguin On A Bike

I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of the staff and the clear instructions given when completing the course.


Curtis Ide

The college of health and fitness was extremely informative with explaining the questions and very helpful getting through the coarse.